Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is served between 8 and 9 am
(can be served earlier by prior arrangement)

Hot Drinks (can be made with water, milk or soya milk):

Coffee – Fresh ground/Instant/Decaffeinated/Cappuccino
Tea – Breakfast/Fruit/Herbal/Decaffeinated
Hot Chocolate – normal or low calorie

Orange Juice

Toast/Bread – White or Wholemeal


Large selection of cereals and Muesli
(wheat and gluten free cereals on request)

Grapefruit segments


Yogurts – Plain/Fruit (milk or soya)

Porridge – Plain/Raisin/Banana (made with water, milk or soya milk)

Kippers served with 2 poached eggs

Boiled eggs

Omelettes – Plain/Cheese/Tomato/Mushroom

Fresh fruit plate – selection of fresh fruit (whatever is available)

Full English Breakfast:

2 Grilled bacon reared locally.
2 Sausages hand made from local butchers
Fresh tomatoes from local farm when in season
Mushrooms from local farmer
Eggs (Fried/scrambled/poached/boiled) from local farm
Fried bread
Heinz beans

Full Vegetarian English Breakfast:

2 Vegetarian Quorn Rashers
2 Vegetarian Sausages
Fresh tomatoes
Fresh mushrooms
Heinz beans
Fried bread
Eggs (Fried/scrambled/poached/boiled)

On toast (white or wholemeal)

Eggs (Fried, scrambled or poached)

Sandwiches (white or wholemeal)

Fried egg

Our policy is if we have it in the fridge you can have it so please ask

We can provide a full range of wheat, gluten and diary free items on request.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that there are no nuts present in our breakfasts